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Dog behavior

Positive Dog Solutions builds strong and healthy relationships between people, their dogs, and the community in which they live, using scientifically proven, practical, and humane methods. 

Our Services

Using proven, positive techiques to change dog behaviors
Dog Behavior

Positive Dog Solutions has extensive experience understanding and applying the science of animal behavior. We work with individuals, shelters, and rescues to address a variety of behavior issues.

Coaching people through training to understand animal behavior and imprving animal adoption outcomes
People Coaching 

Our team has spent countless hours  coaching in the classroom, office, and one-on-one settings. We help people better understand their clients and their dogs. Our coaching program is tailored to your organization's needs.

Supporting people to improve relationships between people, dogs, and the communities in which they live
Conflict Resolution

Providing conflict coaching and mediation services for those times when the behavior of our dogs cause a source of conflict for other dog and non-dog owners in our community.  

Supporting dog behavior assessments and expert testimony in dangerous dog and bite cour cases
Legal Support Services 

With a unique understanding of animal behavior and communication, our team is available to support those involved in legal action concerning a dog  through behavior assessments, court and expert witness testimony and custody cases.

Improving data collection and metris analysis to better inform business practices in the animal rescue and shelter community
Research & Operations Consulting 

Applying 15+ years of experience in research and operations analysis, we will help you improve your data collection and employ data to better inform your business practices.

Why Us

Positive Dog Solutions provides the support and resources needed to ensure a healthy, happy human-dog relationship. We provide strategies and solutions to enhance communication between dogs and the humans with whom they interact. Founded by behavior consultants Jackie Maffucci and Vivian Levén, a neuroscientist and a mediator with a degree in conflict resolution, respectively, Jackie and Vivian have a combined 30+ years of experience and knowledge working with dogs and people. Positive Dog Solutions specializes in addressing more serious behavior challenges and is committed to improving behaviors in dogs using science-based techniques while enhancing awareness, knowledge, and compassion in the families and the communities in which they live.

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Serving the DC Metro area and Beyond

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