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Coaching People

We are committed to supporting people, their dogs, and the community in which they live to build strong and healthy relationships. We are available to coach rescues, shelters, dog owners, veterinary clinics and other pet professionals, and apartment complexes to understand dogs and their behaviors, and how to communicate these topics effectively to your clients and other stakeholders. 

Individual Conflict Coaching

If you are an individual struggling to handle a dispute in your community related to either your dog, or another dog in your community, Positive Dog Solutions is here to help. We will provide guidance and support to make sure the situation does not escalate and support you to approach the situation in a constructive way. We offer 30 and 60-minute sessions that will help you manage the situation and find creative ways to move toward a positive outcome. 

Consultation Fee $​50 (30 minutes)

Rescue/Shelter Staff & Volunteer Coaching

So much about working in the animal field has to do with dealing with people. Anything from internal working relationships, to cooperation with other services and interactions with potential and existing adopters. Through our coaching programs, we can help your staff and volunteers better understand the dogs they work with every day and engaging with the people interested in your animals, thus maximizing the outcome of those relationships. Coaching areas include: 

  • Helping new volunteers better understand and set their foster dogs up for success.

  • Helping staff identify and set up challenging rescue dogs for success in the shelter or foster environment. 

  • Coaching volunteers who are supporting the most challenging dogs. 

  • Coaching staff with successful techniques for talking with prospective adopters and matching them with appropriate dogs

  • Coaching staff to successfully communicating with prospective adopters about challenging dogs. 

  • Helping to understand animal behavior and master basic, safe handling skills.

  • Engaging adopters to stay motivated when facing issues with their newly acquired dog.

  • Supporting staff and volunteers with internal conflict and develop processes for handling such disputes. 


We offer discounts for shelters and rescues and tailor services to meet your unique needs. Learn more about becoming a partner. 

Veterinary, Grooming & Other Pet Care Businesses 

Positive Dog Solution is Fear-Free Certified ( We will work with your staff to create a stress-free environment where dogs can go through their health exam successfully and safely. 

We offer coaching on a variety of topics, including:

  • Animal behavior 

  • Fear-Free handling for dogs

  • Working more effectively together

  • Identifying and working with challenging rescue dogs

  • Setting your business up to support dogs with behavioral needs​​ 

  • Engaging owners to stay motivated when facing behavior issues with their dog

Tailored packages available to meet your unique needs. Learn more about becoming a partner. 

Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings can pose challenges for dogs due to tight quarters and unfamiliar people. This can be difficult for dog owners and non-dog owners alike, who may have different set of expectations for what that co-habitation should look like. We will help find practical solutions and build mutually agreeable expectations.

We offer coaching in a variety of areas, including:

  • Helping residents to develop realistic expectations for living in a pet-friendly community.

  • Coaching residents to work with their dog’s behavior to achieve the goals necessary to contribute to a pleasant living environment

  • Coaching the property management team to develop practical guidelines of expectations and responsibilities for dog ownership in the building. 

  • Consulting with property management teams to implement a pet friendly community. 

  • Providing conflict coaching to support tenants and property managers as they face complaints about community pets without escalating the disputes.

Tailored packages available to meet your unique needs. Contact us for a price quote. 

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