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Research & Operations Consulting

We are committed to providing the support and tools the animal community needs to effectively serve animals and the community that cares for them. We offer a number of services to support rescue groups, shelters, veterinarians, apartment complexes and others. We will help determine effective metrics to help you measure your success, analyze data, and/or interpret results to help inform your business practices. We are also able to assess existing standard operating procedures and help to improve them or build new ones. We will give you realistic workable solutions based on our in depth knowledge and decades of experience.

Rescues & Shelters

We will offer solutions to the most challenging problems you face optimizing your operations. These could include:

  • Setting up mechanisms to track intake, adoption, and return numbers and providing solutions to improving these numbers.

  • Using predictive analytics to determine how many foster homes you need to meet your rescue goals.

  • Developing training programs to meet the needs of your staff and volunteers, better supporting them to meet your adoption goals.

  • Implementing behavior assessment and management protocols to identify and support the rescue population with behavioral needs, while preparing them for adoption with an appropriate home.  

  • Streamlining your operation to ensure vet records, incident reports, and behavior modification programs are kept up-to-date to avoid issues that may arrive in a foster or adoptive home.


We offer discounts for shelters and rescues and tailor services to meet your unique needs.

Learn more about becoming a partner. 

Apartment Complexes

Positive Dog Solutions can offer solutions to increase how pet-friendly your community is. These could include:

  • Understanding  what services dog owners value and consider when choosing an apartment and what services existing dog owners living in your building would like to see.

  • Learning what the most common complaints and challenges dog owners and non-dog owners face living together and how to minimize the friction.

  • Creating a useful and evidence-based dog profile that helps your complex determine what makes a great apartment living dog.

Tailored packages available to meet your unique needs. Contact us for a price quote.

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Veterinary, Grooming & Other Pet Care Businesses 

PDS can offer solutions to better serve your pet-loving clients. These could include: 

  • Understanding how to better serve clients with dogs that have challenging behavioral needs. 

  • Options to create additional services at your business to help clients with dogs dealing with behavioral needs to stay on top of their dogs’ health care with minimal stress and complications.

Tailored packages available to meet your unique needs. Contact us for a price quote.

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