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Dog Behavior Consulting

All consultation services are available via videoconferencing or in-home. 

We believe that the work you do with your dog sets the tone for the relationship you would like to have with your animal. We follow the LIMA approach (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) and do not believe in using choke chains, electronic collars, or any other equipment that will create stress and suppress behaviors by adding threat or discomfort. We use successful behavior modification protocols anchored in science. We focus on building positive associations while reinforcing the animal for making good choices. 

Changing unwanted behavior takes time and effort. You will have ups and downs. We partner with clients who are committed to the process for as long as you need to feel confident with the action steps and seeing progress. We will take this journey together. 


All behavior consultations are available remotely or in-home.

We strongly recommend that you first visit with your veterinarian to make sure there are no health reasons contributing to your dog's unwanted behavior.

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Behavioral Consultations

Positive Dog Solutions will give you the support and tools you need to resolve challenging behavior problems in your dog. We will help you understand canine behavior so you can see the issues from your dog's point of view; we will teach you how to change your dog's behavior; we will show you ways to manage challenging situations as they happen. Our goal is to help you build a strong and healthy relationship between you and your dog. 

A behavior consultation allows us to consider a variety of factors, including history, your dog's current living environment, and further examination of your dog’s unwanted behaviors. We will provide a road map to address those behaviors and provide the support you need to enact that plan. We offer three different options depending on the severity of the behavior problem and the level of support you would like. All packages include filling out a questionnaire about your dog before the consult takes place.

Family Consultations

  • Have you just had a baby and your dog has a hard time adjusting to living with this new family member?

  • Have you experienced drastic and concerning behavioral challenges in your dog around kids?

  • Are you worried about your children's' safety around the family dog?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a family consultation might be right for you. It will include the same process as our in-home consultations. 

We are licensed Family Paws Parent Educators ( We provide you with the latest and most accurate information based on years of specialized experience on how to keep dogs and kids who live together stay safe together.  We love working with parents and kids to develop and maintain rewarding long-lasting relationships with the family dog. We offer two programs: (1) Dogs & Storks and (2) Dogs & Toddlers. The materials in these two programs compliment any family consultations.  


Whatever the issue, contact us and we will follow-up to help you find the solution. 


Fear Free Handling Consultations

  • Do you have a dog who is anxious, scared or maybe even terrified going to the vet or groomer?

  • Are you worried that your dog will, or already has, behaved aggressively during a vet or grooming visit?

  • Do you want your dog to be comfortable going to the vet?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may want to build more assurance and calm for your dog around and during these visits and we can help.

  • We are licensed Fear Free Certified Professionals. We work with you to change your dog’s experience of the vet and grooming visits to keep people safe and dogs more relaxed and cooperative during grooming and vet exams.


Whatever the issue, contact us and we will follow-up to help you find the solution. 


Remote Behavior Consultations

Behavior support anytime/anywhere

  • Are you interested in our behavior consultation service without hosting us in your home?

  • Do you live away from the DC Metro area, but have concerns about your dog's behavior(s)?

  • Do you need immediate guidance on what to do regarding your dog's behavior? 

  • Do you have questions about your dog's behavior, but aren't sure a full consultation is necessary?

  • Have you seen changes in your dog's behavior, but are not sure what to do about it and want to discuss it with a professional?

This service can be conducted via phone or using our videoconference platform and includes a questionnaire to be filled out before the call. 


Whatever the issue, contact us and we will follow-up to help you find the solution. 


Shelter & Rescue Consultations

We are a valuable resource and dedicated partner to shelters and rescues looking to provide additional support to staff and volunteers within their organization working with highly resource demanding dogs to prepare them for adoption.


We offer services to support you and the dogs you rescue. This includes: 

  • Behavioral assessments for in-coming and longer-term residents to help (1) evaluate them for adoption, (2) develop a behavior modification plan, and (3) work with dogs in the shelter environment who need skilled and on-going behavior modification work. We can also help problem-solve issues these dogs are facing to make them more successful in the shelter environment

  • On-going support and guidance for fosters working with more challenging dogs in a home environment through coaching programs, remote consultations, or in-home consultations. 

  • On-going support and guidance to new adopters who face behavioral challenges beyond their skill-level through remote or in-home consultations. 

  • Coaching shelter staff and volunteers to develop skills interfacing with potential adopters or supporting the rescue population. See our Coaching page for more information.

We offer discounts for shelters and rescue partner and tailor services to meet your unique needs. Learn more about becoming a partner. 

Remote Consulation
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